Search and selection of the candidates for surrogate mothers;
Legal execution of relations of intended parents and surrogate mother;
Translation and legalization of documents for foreign clients;
Execution of consent forms of the surrogate mother during the whole treatment;
Surveillance of the surrogate mother during the whole program;
Coordination of the visits to the clinic during all stages of treatment;
Legal expertise of contracts between intended parents, surrogate mother and clinic for medical services;
Prejuridical solution of possible conflicts;
In case necessary collaboration with the lawyers of intended parents to make all arrangements to take the baby out of Ukraine to the country where intended parents live;
Interests representation of courts of Ukraine.

Few steps to your dream

We recommend to start with consultation of the lawyer to get clear understanding of norms and demands of current legislation, all nuances and possible problems.
Then you need to start with surrogate mother search.
Surely, this is one of the most difficult stages of the process – to find the candidate to whom you can trust carrying the your baby. There are some ways of search – individually and with the help of the agency.
In the first case the intended parents need to search in internet for a really long time, have negotiations with candidates, to meet with them, and unfortunately sometimes the parents can make mistakes. All this demands great efforts and time which is very precious in such matter.
With the help of the agency:
Second way is to apply to the agency. Nowadays there are many of such on the market. So, it is extremely important to make a right choice. Our agency is specialized on surrogacy only. We carry out very profound search of candidates for surrogate mothers, paying attention to all nuances, trying to find not just a healthy woman, but the one who is responsible and clear-headed. It is important for us to know that the surrogate mother understands the whole essence of the surrogacy, that a woman is ready psychologically and emotionally to carry a baby for somebody else.

We are glad to help you to find the best candidate for you taking into account all your needs and requirements. As a rule the intended parents get the CV of the candidate. Later on, during the meeting face to face you can understand if this is your person or not.

It is important to remember that apart from your personal requirements there are some demands for the surrogate mothers:​

  • 23-34 years;
  • A healthy chid (children) of her own;
  • Absence of medical contraindications;
  • Ethical and psychological stability;
  • A wish to help an infertile couple;
  • No criminal background;
  • Consent of the husband for his wife to take part in surrogacy treatment program;
  • For for not local – readiness to move for the pregnancy term.
We would like to pay your attention that there are some requirements for intended parents as well as for current legislation :​

  • The intended parents are to be officially married (only heterosexual couple).
  • The indications for surrogacy treatment are (according to order 787 dates 09/09/2013 of Ministry of Health of Ukraine):
    • Absence of uterus;
    • Deformations of the uterus cavity or cervix with inborn development defects or as a result of surgical interventions which prevent from carrying the pregnancy;
    • Structural and morphological endometrium changes that lead to lack of receptivity, adhesions of uterus cavity which can not be treated;
    • Serious somatic diseases when carrying the pregnancy is risky for health or life of the patient, but do not effect the health of future baby;
    • Failed ivf attempts (more than 4).

If you have not chosen the clinic , we will be glad to help you with the choice of medical institution with high pregnancy rates, highly qualified staff to get maximum result with the first attempt.

As soon as the intended parents chose the surrogate mother and the clinic, the candidate needs to have all the tests done regarding the demands of the clinic so that the doctor could confirm the the candidate can become a surrogate mother and she is healthy for that.
After the doctor from your clinic approves the candidate, the intended parents and the surrogate mother sign the contract with our agency and between themselves. Apart from the terms about carrying the baby the contract stipulates that the surrogate mother is obliged to sign notarized consent so that the names of intended parents of the child or children delivered by her are put into the birth certificate. This is foreseen by Ukrainian legislation.

Besides the surrogate mother can not lay any claims for the child delivered by her as a result of embryo transfer conceived by intended parents using assisted reproductive technologies (as for the clause of Family Law of Ukraine).

After the medical part of the program is done (preparation and embryo transfer) and clinical pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother starts attending the clinic for prenatal checks. We will help you as well with the choice of the clinic for prenatal check and delivery.