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Our mission is to help to find you an appropriate candidate for surrogate mother as for the clients’ needs.

We help families to grow.

Unfortunately there are case when a woman has contraindications to carry the pregnancy as a result of somatic or any other diseases, if there are malformations of female reproductive organs, if a couple has done many failed IVF attempts before. Then the doctors recommend surrogacy. This route is very difficult – emotionally and financially. It is not that easy to make such decision as it demands thorough and serious thinking over, participation of medical staff, search and selection of good candidate of a woman who will carry the baby.

We help to find you an appropriate candidate for being a surrogate mother (or donor) according to clients’ needs.

From the beginning till the end the couple faces many issues connected with realization not just of medical part of the program but with organization process and legal aspects as well. We recommend to choose thoroughly not just the medical institution but make a detailed examination of the agency providing consultative services of surrogacy.

We control all visits to the clinic by the surrogate mother to be sure, that everything is fine.

For a long time our team has been providing successfully consultative aid for the couples who seek surrogacy treatment. We treat each case with all responsibility and all our efforts are aimed to make 9 months fertility journey as easy as possible for everybody. It is very important to defend the interests of all parties of the program that is why we carry out the profound search of the surrogate mothers, provide full legal support from the beginning till the end of the program, provide full surveillance of the surrogate mother during the whole pregnancy terms.

We prepare and complete all documents necessary to register a newborn as foreseen by current legislation.

Our medical consulter

dr Zinchenko Victor is an Honoured Doctor of Ukraine , the President of the Ukrainian Association of Embryologists. He has worked as a geneticist, embryologist and fertility consultant for over 28 years. He studied in Belgium, UK and Israel and worked with very leading fertility specialists. In his almost three decades of working in this field , dr Zinchenko has made thousands of families happy, giving them healthy and full- fledged children, even when it seemed to many that there was no chance to have a healthy child. Dr Zinchenko can assist and advise in all the main areas of fertility activity.

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