FAQ. Surrogacy in Ukraine

Does the law of Ukraine foresee that the surrogate mother is not a citizen of Ukraine?

The legislation of Ukraine foresees such possibility when the surrogate mother is not a citizen of Ukraine.

Is it possible to fix a contract for carrying the child between foreigners and citizen of Ukraine?

Yes, it is foreseen by our legislation.

Does the surrogate mother have any right for the baby?

The surrogate mother does not have any right for the child she carries.

Can the surrogate mother take the baby?

As for the law o Ukraine the surrogate mother can not take the child she carries for intended parents.

Can the surrogate mother have the genetic relation with the child she carries?

The Law of Ukraine prohibits any genetic relation between surrogate mother and the chid she carries.

Is it necessary to notarize the contract between intended parents and the surrogate mother?

The legislation of Ukraine does not foresee notarial attestation of the contract between intended parents and surrogate mother.

Can the intended parents not meet the surrogate mother?

The intended parents have the possibility not to meet the surrogate mother during the whole program. In this case we will take care of your surrogate mother.

Is the name of the surrogate mother mentioned in the birth certificate?

To register the baby delivered by the surrogate mother it is necessary to have notarized consent of the surrogate mother to put the names of the intended parents into the birth certificate, so only the names of intended parents will be mentioned in the chid birth certificate.

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